Contributor Guide

You need to be legally allowed to submit any contribution to this project. What this means in detail is laid out at the Developer Certificate of Origin website. The mechanism by which you certify this is adding a Signed-off-by trailer to git commit log messages, you can do this by using the --signoff/-s option to git commit.


Significant changes should appear in the ChangeLog. To that end, contributors must create a changelog entry using Towncrier and the appropriate category.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog.

The syntax to create a changelog entry is the following:

poetry run towncrier create -c "Added a cool feature"

Where issuenumber is the issue number in Github, and category is one of:

  • security in case of vulnerabilities

  • removed for now removed features

  • deprecated for soon-to-be removed features

  • added for new features

  • changed for changes to existing functionality

  • fixed for any bug fixes

For example:

poetry run towncrier create -c "Added a cool feature!"

If the change does not fit into any category, prefix the filename with a “plus”, for example:

poetry run towncrier create -c "A fix without an issue number!"