FedMSG Notifications

FedMSG Notifications is a family of systems built to manage end-user notifications triggered by fedmsg, the FEDerated MeSsaGe bus.

It offers a diverse set of notification media including (but not limited to) email, Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and Server-Sent Events (SSE). Users can configure their notification preferences for all these media in a single place.


In a nutshell, here’s the way this application works:

  • You login and set up some preferences in the fmn.web webapp.
  • Events occur in Fedora Infrastructure and are broadcast over fedmsg.
  • This application receives those events and compares them against your preferences. If there’s a match, then it forwards you a notification.

We maintain a lot of applications. Over time, there has been an initiative to get them all speaking a similar language on the backend with fedmsg. Take a look at the list of fedmsg topics to see what all is covered.

Get Involved

You can report issues and find the source on github. The development team hangs out in #fedora-apps. Please do stop by and say hello.

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